Monday, August 25, 2014

BUNNY X - POTENTIAL (Sounds like the 80s)

Hello and welcome back.... Stunning song to start the week, Love this.

Italo Disco / Hi-NRG group "Bunny X" hails from New York and consists of members - Abigail Ferguson, Mary Hanley and Conrad Kaneshiro

I first heard this song as it hit No2 on the 'Club 80s New Generation Italo NRG Top 40 Charts' and instantly warmed to its lush 80s vibes, Sooo Goood.

BUNNY X - POTENTIAL   (Thanks to New Generation Italo-Spacesynth4ever! for the video)


SORRY, Couldn't go past this... I Never Wanted To Say Goodbye (honestly :))

Friday, August 22, 2014


Hello and welcome back... Continuing with 80sTV series.

I can remember watching these programs when I was a young lad.

Sadly some videos aren't available (copyright issues) and my memory is pretty crap but its fun to watch.

If you missed the other 5 posts, you can see them HERE

Some really good episodes in this post, hope you enjoy :)

SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN -  Season 3 Ep 17  (Thanks to myjvs007 for the video)

THE YOUNG ONES - Season 1 Ep4 (Bomb) (Thanks to johnnyzombie69 for the video)

THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO -Season 2 Ep12  (Thanks to Steve J for the video)

SMALL WONDER  - Season 1 Ep1  (Thanks to ame457 for the video)

GET SMART  - Season 5 Ep3     (Thanks to katrin flaume for the video)

MARRIED WITH CHILDREN  - Season 2 Ep 4   (Thanks to john popper for the video)


Thursday, August 21, 2014


Hello and welcome back....Keeping with the French theme (see previous post) comes this song.

Belgian pop singer "Lio" (Wanda Maria Ribeiro Furtado Tavares de Vasconcelos) (wow), had several hits in the early 80s including 'Banana Split', 'La reine des pommes' and this catchy number " Amoureux Solitaires".

'Banana Split' and 'Amoureux Solitaires'both made it to No1 in the French music charts.

So French, So Chic but very annoying, the fact that once you hear wont leave your head (you have been warned :))

LIO - AMOUREUX SOLITAIRES   (Thanks to BATCARIOCA for the video)

LIO - BANANA SPLIT   (Thanks to kksgae for the video)

LIO - LA REINE DES POMMES  (Thanks to yalita76 for the video)

Reminds me of German singer "Nena" from 1984


Monday, August 18, 2014


Hello and welcome back.... Before she married "Johnny Depp", French singer/model 'Vanessa Paradis' released this 1987 hit called 'Joe Le Taxi'.

The song 'Joe Le Taxi' is in French, and was from the album 'M&J'.
This single also made it to No1 in the French & Belgium music charts, top 5 in the U.K, Germany and Norway music charts.

Joe must have been a good Taxi driver to have a song written about him... Meanwhile the song tells a story about how Joe enjoys drinking rum, has a passion for Latin music and his saxophone, and dreams of going to the Amazon.

I love the Saxophone part in the middle, sounds smooth and vibrant, So French, So Chic

Such an amazing song. Enjoy




Sunday, August 17, 2014

BARON VON LUXXURY - GLASS CANDY (Sounds like the 80s)

Hello and welcome back.... This is a brilliant song, love it.

Recommended to me, I haven't heard of this track before, although its about a year old now but fits the 'Sounds like the 80s' tag perfectly.

L.A (California) based 'Baron Von Luxxury' (Blake Robin) released the track 'Glass Candy' from his Album called 'The Last Seduction' (check links below)

Baorn Von Luxxury also runs music website '' which he remixes various 70/80s songs ... well worth checking out, when the record company's aren't being pr*cks and shutting him down.

I love this song, the video is excellent.. its a 10/10 for me


LINKS (may have been shut down due to copyright problems with his 70s/80s remixes)... Seriously , when will record company's learn, that artists like Baron Von Luxxury breath new life into older tracks being remixed and target new audiences ... And they wonder why they're going broke...